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Meide Group is a leader in fluid conveying industry. It has an inclusive corporate culture, advanced management concept, innovative board of directors, vigorous working team, and harmonious interpersonal relationship. At this golden period of company's reform and development, we have provided a platform for you to achieved self-worth and career promotion, and try to realize joint development for the employees and company. 

Here in Meide, you can show your talent in the celebration of annual meeting or Mid-Autumn Festival, you can john various clubs like basketball, football, cycling, you can also feel the love and concern at company’s alumni association or hometown association.  

You will never be along in Meide! Welcome to john us and create your wonderful life here!

Meide Group values employees growth and promotes the common development between employees and the company.

We provide managament path and technical path for employees with different patential. In 2018, 36 ordinary employees were promoted to the cadre position through open competition. Appointment management system of professional and technical positions has been implemented in the field of product R&D、technological equipment、IT technology and lean management, which provides a channel for professional and technical personnel to be promoted and developed.

Meide Group holds employee development symposium every year. Team leaders and employees join together to review the achievements in work performance, capacity and fulfilling of company values, and to discuss the advantages and weakness of employees, so as to clarify their career direction, develop targeted training measures for each individual and provide strong support for their growth.

Our employees are able to acquire more knowledge and skills through shift work, and choose suitable positions through internal recruitment and competition. The company also provides opportunities to learn and be certified management tools such as project management, objective management and process management.

Meide Group attaches great importance to talents and technology. “Special Contributors”, “Meide Model”,“Meide Technology Reward” and “Meide Craftsman”are selected among employees annually to recognize and award their outstanding achievement in management and technology. These awared employees also obtain the chance to be promoted and developed with priority.

Mission:Develop industry experts with professional skills and hopes.

Vision:Become the most respected corporate university in fluid conveying field.

School Running  Characteristics

Multiple-cases—Internal curriculum development focuses on case citation and analysis

Lay emphasis on consciousness— Focus on process system and work standard improvement after class

Tools usage— Online and offline learning platforms help efficient operation

To see the effect— "Teaching for training", knowing what to do and learning to use it

Electric power fittings clerk
Electric power department
One year work experience
1. Basic requirements
Proper behavior;
Bachelor degree or above, major in international economic trade and English are prefered;
CET 4 and above, CET 6, TEM 8 or BEC intermediate are preferred.
2, professional skills requirements
Standard Mandarin;
Basic skills in English listening, speaking, reading, writing and communication ;
Skilled application of common office software;
Familiar with basic knowledge of international trade theory and practice.
3. Professional comprehensive quality requirements
Love for sales work;
Strong sense of responsibility, strong ability to withstand pressure, strong learning ability and self-discipline;
Strong ability in communication, coordination and judgment;
Good at summarizing problems, sorting out processes, and making suggestions;
Have appropriate professional etiquette.
1. Market: Understand the international political and economic situation, national market information, user needs, competitors, formulate corresponding market strategies, apply for certification and organize implementation
2. Publicity: Develop and implement appropriate programs, publicize corporate image and promote brand value through exhibitions, market visits, media advertisements, e-commerce, and industry institutions
3. Customer: Manage sales leads, customer resources, do pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, formulate and implement specific business strategies, maintain customer relationships, and tap customer value
4. Products: Focus on cutting-edge technology and product development trends related to products, investigate the feasibility of new product development, initiate new product development, and maintain and publicize mass production products
Overseas sales engineer
Overseas sales department
Three year work experience
1. Basic requirements
Proper behavior;
Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical engineering;
CET 4 or above, CET 6, TEM 8 or BEC intermediate are preferred.
2. Professional skills requirements
Prepare product enterprise standards, write product design specifications, and organize new product design and development work;
Skilled application of common office software;
Product optimization design and processing of related technical issues.
1. Provide product technical support work, including product technical training, technical problem solving and formulation
2. Responsible for the development of new products for strategic customers, including product development, product technology communication, and coordination of product quality issues
3. Responsible for technical communication with customers, understanding the customer's demand for products, and assisting customers in the problems encountered during product use
4. Responsible for organizing business departments to conduct market research, and organize new product development, market promotion and tracking sales progress according to product roadmap planning
5. Collect, process, feedback, and track product usage questions that are feedback from users
6. Responsible for the technical documentation and training materials of the product
Overseas sales clerk
Overseas sales department
One year work experience
1. Proper behavior
2. Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade, English and marketing are preferred
3. CET4 or above, CET6, TEM8 or BEC intermediate are preferred
4. Professional skills requirements
5. Standard Mandarin
6. Proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading, writing and communication skills
7. Skilled application of common office software
8. Familiar with basic knowledge of international trade theory and practice
1. Develop market planning and develop new distributors to achieve supply
2. Provide new product development information and recommendations for research and development
3. Carry out bidding work
4. Responsible for daily maintenance and relationship improvement of customers, discover customer problems and assist them in solving them
5. Arrange technical support for customers
6. Handling customer complaints

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Address :  Meide Science & Technology Park, Pingyin Industrial Park, Jinan Shandong Province, China, 250400

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