Grooved connection system technology
Compared with the welded flange connection, the grooved end products are more compact and require less installation space.

It is very difficult to carry out large-size pipe system welding flanges in a relatively narrow space, especially for renovation and renovation projects, such as municipal engineering plumbing systems, marine water systems, fire protection system in residential buildings, and so on.

The contour of the groove system is much smaller than that of the flange system, so the grooved piping system can be installed closer to each other with less installation space.
Reduce noise and vibration
Reduce noise and vibration
Rubber gasket are flexible, reducing noise and mitigating vibration. The highly elastic sealing ring helps to absorb noise and vibration and relieve the transmission of vibration and noise.

Grooved flexible joints also eliminate equipment misalignment errors, reduce stress on pump and equipment connections, and accommodate linear and angular deflection in piping systems.

The grooved tube card has a unique structure that allows the sealing gasket to be pressed against the pipe while enhancing the strength of the joint. The housing is made of ductile iron and absorbs noise.
Gasket(working temprature)
Gasket(working temprature)
Gasket material imported from DOW with gel content over 40%;

MECH Brand Grade “E” EPDM Gasket working temperature range is -34℃~+110℃(-30~+230℉). Grade “S” Silicone Gasket working temperature range is -40℃~+177℃(-40~+350℉), recommended for high temperature.
faster and safer installation
Grooved connection system can be mounted up to 10 times faster than conventional connection methods such as welding, threaded connection and soldering.

The dangers of welding are welding arcs, compressed gas, toxic fumes and lack of personal protection against the eyes, hands, feet and body. Grooved connection system eliminates various safety risks, such as welding arcs and fumes. With the grooved connection system, the installer only needs to use a wrench, which is essential for installing a piping system in a confined space.

When welding flange connections, if a product mismatch occurs in the field, only more complicated cutting techniques can be used to re-weld. However, the product of the groove connection system can adjust the system components 360 degrees before fixing, saving huge rework time and correspondingly large cost, greatly improving efficiency.
Rigid Grooved couplings
They make the pipe form a solid whole, suitable for indoor fire protection, long straight pipe.
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They allow the pipeline to have axial expansion and angular displacement, suitable for hot water pipes, HVAC system pipes, and outdoor pipes.
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More environmentally friendly, no slag dust pollution
The groove connection product is more environmentally friendly than welding, brazing, and soldering, because the groove installation process does not require heating, no high temperature, and no welding smog dust pollution.

The grooved joint product is surface treated with electrophoretic paint and is more environmentally friendly.