Party A: Meide Group Co., Ltd.

Party B: Meide suppliers, service providers or engineering contractors

I. Standardized Business Behavior Assurance Letter

In order to standardize the operation of enterprises and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of both sides and normal business exchanges, while fulfilling the relevant business contracts, the two parties hereby formulate the following guarantees, which they shall abide by jointly.

1. Party A and Party B strictly abide by the price and business negotiation system and rules formulated by themselves, and do not negotiate business outside the office.

2.  Party A's personnel are prohibited from accepting or demanding bribes, Party A personnel and their relatives are prohibited from accepting abnormal hospitality provided by Party B in any name, like entertainment activities such as tourism, gambling and so on. It is strictly forbidden to directly or indirectly claim or accept the gifts or interests of Party B. It is strictly forbidden to accept any gifts in the form of rebates, commissions, tips, cash vouchers, etc.

3. Party A's procurement personnel, relatives of project leaders (and other members of social relations such as classmates)  are prohibited from participating in the purchase and sale of goods and services and related intermediary activities.

4. Party B's bribery (including but not limited to purchasers, technicians, samplers, inspectors, weightlifters, equipment acceptors and department leaders who can influence the purchase and use of products)  is prohibited to provide commissions, rebates, gifts, invitations, tours and other bribery or other disguised bribery.

5. Party B is prohibited from subcontracting or subcontracting items in violation of regulations. Party B shall not collude with other bidders or enclose bids, and shall not use any illegal means to exclude other bidders from participating in fair competition and harming Party A's interests.

6. Party B has the right to report bribery to Party A's audit department if it finds out that Party A's personnel or its own project intermediaries have solicited bribes. Party B has the obligation to cooperate with Party A's investigators in investigating violations and actively provide evidence of violations.

7. Due to the shortage of market supply, Party B must be selected as the supplier of Party A, but if Party B's principal or legal person representatives were Party A's senior managers, project principals or relatives of direct business personnel (as well as classmates and other members of social relations) , Party B should take the initiative to declare to Party A's auditing department that after approval by Party A's general manager, Party B can continue to maintain cooperative relations.

8. Party B shall be liable for breach of contract if it violates the terms and conditions stipulated in this covenant, and Party A shall have the right to require Party B to pay a certain amount of liquidated damages or cancel all kinds of relevant business contracts signed with Party B. The date of termination shall be the date on which Party A issues a letter of cancellation.

9. If Party B is found to be in violation of the provisions of this covenant, Party A may suspend payment of unpaid business funds until satisfactory solutions are reached between the two parties; in serious cases, Party A has the right to terminate payment of unpaid funds.

II. Intellectual property right

1. When Party B provides products or services to Party A, the intellectual property rights generated on the basis of the products or services belong to Party B, but the intellectual property rights generated by Party A's improvement and innovation on the basis of the products or services belong to Party A.

2. Party B guarantees that Party B enjoys independent intellectual property rights for the products provided in this contract, or has been legally authorized by the right holder of relevant intellectual property rights. Party B guarantees that its products or services do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any third party. Party A will not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any third party by producing, selling, promising to sell and using any part of the products or services. If the products provided by Party B infringe on the intellectual property rights of the third party, Party B shall actively assist Party A to solve the intellectual property complaints, administrative investigations or civil suits promptly and properly. Party B shall take full responsibility for the lawsuit.

3. When Party B provides Party A with products or services, Party B shall also provide Party A with the right to produce, sell, promise to sell and use intellectual property rights arising from the products or services.

4. Within the term of the contract, Party B shall not provide any confidential information and related services to anyone, including but not limited to Part A’s competitors, and shall not be limited to the following provisions: a. Party B shall be prohibited from taking pictures and videos, If necessary, provided by Party A with the consent of Party A; b. Party B is prohibited from disclosing any confidential information of Party A, such as technical drawings, equipment drawings, technical specifications, etc. c. Party B is prohibited from bringing any person, including but not limited to Party A's competitors or commercial detectives, to Party A's premises for on-site inspection or photography. d. Party B shall not declare the cooperative relationship between the two parties.

5. Party A shall have the right to terminate the contract if it violates the above requirements, and Party B shall bear the losses.

III. Health, safety and environmental protection

1. Party B shall be responsible for the health, safety and environmental protection of all work and related staff. Party B shall abide by and ensure that its employees and subcontractors comply with the health, safety, environmental protection provisions of this contract, relevant laws and regulations and relevant regulations and instructions issued by Party A at any time (including safety protection requirements for work clothes, masks, eye protectors and shoes) .

2. Party B shall establish and maintain its own sound health, safety and environmental protection system in accordance with laws and regulations and the standards of reasonable and prudent service providers.

3. When Party B implements the contract, it shall avoid any operation that may endanger personal health and property safety, take necessary safety and health precautions, and conduct health, safety and environmental inspection of all facilities, equipment and materials from time to time. Party B shall provide the necessary safety facilities and safety guidelines for its work, keep and provide records and reports of all accidents, casualties and related matters required by laws and regulations.

4. Party B shall take reasonable measures to prevent any personal and property damage at and around the work site, including but not limited to such protective measures. 

(1) Fire prevention measures 

(2) Provide temporary construction walls, signs, warning signs and roadblocks 

(3) Eliminate agglomeration of dust and smoke 

(4) Provide protection for elevated utility pipelines, underground pipelines and cables 

(5) Provide protection for roads, bridges and means of transport entering and leaving the project site 

(6) Provide protection for facilities and property around the work site to prevent sinking, collapse, leakage and adverse effects of dust, smoke, fire, chemicals, noise and light.

I have read and accepted the supplier notification letter from Meide Group Co., Ltd.
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